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According to the late Ansel Adams, color photos convey emotion, while black and white photos lend themselves to drama.  Might be something to that.  The following photos are all of an earlier time, and they're all in black and white, and each in its own way is pretty good.  Not too shabby, these monochromatic pictures of a simpler world.





Who among us didn't spend some quality time at the board, doing a little group drawing?  In the case of these students, they're working on a rather large map.  And doing well, all things considered.  Remember when we were really young, at the board with six other kids, and all drawing a Thanksgiving scene?  Invariably, each kid would draw in a sun, in total disregard of all the other solar orbs featured in the Big Picture.  Working as part of a group is a skill learned over time.  Sure is.





In answer to what is it we did when we were very young, well, at every opportunity we did a little networking within our peer group.  Besides, what was more fun than having a few special people over, and no one had to go home at 9:00 PM?  For these young ladies, that must have been a privilege earned, and even in this photo scaled down for the Net, you can see smiles and you almost hear laughter.  A remarkable instance in time.  



Kim Welch


In studying this photograph, one sees almost no young people.  For all practical purposes, this is a picture of the generation who preceded us, who made possible all that we have.  They survived a depression of historic proportions, and a war like no other before or since.... Survived?  They were triumphant.  But we didn't quite understand what that meant when we were growing up.  With our advancing years, maybe a little wisdom is creeping in.


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