Reunion 2004, Spartanburg High Class of '64




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Top left, Geraldine Stanley Mahaffey and her husband Mike Mahaffey.  Top right, Robert and Willodean Parris Hoskins.  Center, Glynetta and Bill McAninch.  Bottom left, Lorraine and Joe Wachter.  Bottom right, Katherine "Kitty" Lane and Mrs. Jacqueline Blackburn, one of our former teachers.


Mrs. Blackburn's note to the class reads, 


My dear young friends,

The reunion weekend for the Class of '64 was a highlight in my long and eventful life.  I was made to feel like a vital cog in the wheel of yesteryear, while enjoying my precious "children."  Thank you from the bottom of my forever grateful heart for the honor and privilege.  It was wonderful.








Two party crashers.  Above is a picture of Bill Shapiro and his wife.  Bill, along with his twin brother Tom, were hosting that evening at the hotel a 90th birthday party for their father.  Bill and Tom were graduates of the SHS Class of 1961.  Bill went off to Tulane and became one of this country's top collegiate quarter-milers in track; while Tom left for Harvard, where he excelled academically, both as an undergraduate and later as a law student.  Bill is a medical doctor practicing in Santa Barbara, California.  Tom is an attorney in Boston. 

                                                          -- Joe Wachter


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