Reunion 2004, Spartanburg High Class of '64




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Kim Welch


The inner courtyard at SHS, under a night sky.  A dance.  Not a formal dance, judging by the attire of our classmates, but a dance nevertheless.  The young lady in this picture, even caught in mid-step as she is, seems aware of the camera.  



Kim Welch


The boys at Spartanburg High wondered, and wondered at length, at what the girls did when they went off by themselves.  Forget about the lateness of the hour, it's good to clear up those admittedly insignificant but still persistent, nagging questions. 



Kim Welch


There's an element of innocence in this photo.  Boys (or young men, depending on your point of view) are preparing for a pep rally or perhaps a parade -- some tribal ritual or another.  For all of us, since the time this picture was made, life has become a wee bit more complicated.  


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