Reunion 2004, Spartanburg High Class of '64




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Kim Welch


Autumnal rites.  Carol Tinsley leads a cheer for the home folks.  (This is the fall of '63, and within days of the assassination of a president.)  A celebratory bonfire is a tradition spanning tens of thousands of years; and it reaffirms, at least in part, that in every important way we are like the generations who've gone before.  As for the generations who are following us, the jury's still out on them.


Kim Welch


Another crowd scene.   Here we see a number of our classmates with what can only be a bunch of underclasspersons in the foreground.  There's George Wood along the left edge of the picture, and sitting in front of him are what look like the former Miss Linda Cochran and her date for the evening, young Banny Lesesne.  Could be wrong, of course.  Notice the smattering of young men in coats and ties?  In only a few short years, bell-bottom pants and tie-dyed shirts would be the order of the day.


Herald-Journal, July 1960


In the summer of 1960, Converse College offered a chance for incoming 8th and 9th graders to participate in an introductory Spanish or French course.  There were, of course, a myriad of student teachers lurking in the background, but they were just part of the scenery as far as we were concerned.  In this set-piece photo, the students happened to have been in the Spanish section.  Pictured, along with other students from the county school systems, are Nelson Terry, Meldra Thompson, Jean Coggins (in the class behind us at SHS), your webguy, and Tommy Barnett.  The instructor is Seņor Guigan.  Adios, cayman.


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